Emm-Tech Short course dates and information


The Emm-Tech short course – Easy Muscle Management for everyone. In this short course you will gain valuable skills that may be used to ease general discomfort and improve movement restrictions on your own body and to use on family and friends. This course is suitable for everybody. More details below.


Further courses to come later in 2021 : 9.30am – 5pm Bearwood Recreation centre, Mole Rd Sindlesham RG41 5DU

Please email your interest.

Would you like to host a course at your venue or within your workplace? I can then come to you. Minimum 6 people.

Emm-Tech short course general information

The cost is £100 and you learn 11 releases, receive a guide and a certificate of attendance. It also carries 4 CPD points for certain affiliations.

The Emm-Tech short course provides you with 11 releases to cover common aches/restrictions/ balance and movement issues from head to toe. You can learn these to use on yourself and to treat friends and family. Treat it as “first aid” to the body. You can use the new learned skills across all age groups and you do not need to be a body worker.

During the day you will learn to quickly and effectively release your own muscle tensions or help others release theirs. It is a very practical day and the numbers are limited to 10 so all training is closely supervised and is suitable to everyone  (minimum age 16). It requires no previous bodywork experience and no anatomy training/knowledge is required. It is ideal for parents, carers and individuals generally as you can often make an immediate beneficial change to the body – it can help with balance issues, travel sickness, neck rotation, improve grip, stability and general flexibility and mobility and so much more.

It is also a valuable tool for personal trainers,Pilates and Yoga instructors, massage therapists, professionals and therapists in the health care field. As a Pilates instructor too I use Emmett releases in class to great effect. The many massage therapists who have trained with me have found they can also make excellent changes to their clients without so much “wear and tear” on their hands/fingers.

I’d be happy to talk through any questions you may have. My number is 07951 922750 or email me.

Here is what some people have said:

“I attended Wendy Hamilton’s Emm-Tech course on 21st May 2017. I have been having some Emmett Therapy from Wendy and thought it would be interesting to try and understand what was being done and what was having such a good effect on my various aches and pains. The course was totally fascinating, extremely well organised by Wendy and she is an exceptional tutor. We tried out the various techniques on each other (there were 6 of us) so we could get some “feel” for what we were doing, or having done to us. Wendy was endlessly patient as she adjusted our various techniques and at no time did I feel stupid or patronised. By the end of the course I felt that at the very least I would be confident to try out the various techniques on myself before I let myself loose on the family and friends. A course to be recommended and, as I say, an exceptional tutor who was ever ready to answer questions and to explain in laymen’s terms what we were learning. ”

“Had a really amazing day with Wendy on the EMM-Tech course. Can’t wait to learn more about this therapy, so simple, non invasive and IT WORKS!”

“Wendy is such a valuable course for everyone. Wendy is a great teacher making it extremely informative and fun. Emm Tech therapy is quite unbelievable, I was very sceptical before I attended but I am now converted! Thank you Wendy”

“I recently had the pleasure of attending an EMM-Tech training course run by Wendy. Wendy is great trainer, very engaging and enthusiastic. Everyone who attended was encouraged to try the techniques taught by Wendy, with most of us seeing marked improvements in pre-existing conditions following the application of the EMMETT technique. Thank you Wendy for giving me a new skill and a worthwhile training experience.”

I love hearing from clients about how the EMMETT Technique has improved their quality of life, however, I wish to stress that the technique DOES NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. It may assist symptoms of  discomfort, restriction and help body movement.  Client stories on this website are in their own words and are published with their permission. Each individual is unique and the response they experienced with the technique may not be representative of the population as a whole.