Tai Chi Fit

Tai Chi Fit is not just a form of exercise but is a special way of looking at life – a path of inspiration and a guide towards relaxation and health. Daily practice will increase your sense of well being and help you to deal with the stresses of life.

Please note that Tai Chi Fit is not a traditional Tai Chi form but rather is based on Tai Chi movements put together into a calming sequence. With regular practise it will help improve your movement, flexibility and balance.

Several recent studies have shown that Tai Chi can ease stress, depression and anger. It can also help with sleep and improve mood and self esteem. Research has also demonstrated it can lead to significant improvements in attention, memory, concentration and speed of processing information in the brain. Specifically Tai Chi helps with balance and a Chinese study has found that people who practise Tai Chi have a significant reduction in the risk of falling and an increase in confidence that they will not fall. There are also significant other proven health benefits too, see below.

In the class you will learn a gentle yet powerful dance like sequence called a form. Tai Chi Fit will help you maintain health and well being, stay relaxed and even (maybe!) ward off some of the ravages of time.

There is no special equipment to buy – just wear clothing that does not restrict your movement. You already have the vital component – your Chi (energy) – you just need to learn how to use it. The classes run for 1 hour and focus on you. We start with a standing meditation comprising breathing and “letting go”, do a warm up to mobilise and strengthen and then we are into the Tai Chi Fit sequence. We finish with relaxation, a chance to feel at one with yourself and the world. There are progressions within the form so you will be working to your ability and objectives, there is always room for improvements in the body.

Benefits of Tai Chi Fit

  • Increase your energy & release blockages
  • Boost your immune system
  • Melt away stress & reduce blood pressure
  • Tone and shape muscles, improve core strength. Balance is much imporved.
  • Eases fibromyalgia (recent study reported in the New England Journal of medicine).

Suitable for all ages (minimum age 14) and all abilities. Participants with arthritis, MS and Parkinsons disease have found the sessions to be very beneficial in soothing joint pain and increasing range of movement. Classes take place in Wokingham (see class details for information). The forms are easy to learn and if you make a mistake it really does not matter. I will provide guidance on joint placement or offer modifications on moves if necessary. Groups are small and friendly.


After only eight weeks a number of my participants have reported reduced blood pressure, less pain in their knees and best of all for me, one lady has no need for her walking stick. Tai Chi really does have so many benefits and with no stress on the body, mentally or physically. There is also research which has proven that people who practice Tai Chi can significantly reduce the risk of falls, increase balance awareness and increase limb joint proprioception.

Please note no courses running at the moment

CORPORATE TAI CHI FIT – enhance your employees well-being by introducing Tai Chi Fit into the workplace or as a session on corporate/team building days. Explore the difference!

For further information call Wendy on 07951 922750 or
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